This wiki can be the online home of our book group ... where we can keep track of upcoming meetings, what books we have read, what books we might want to read, and any other information we want to share. 


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Next book:

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown


Date: Tuesday, November 13
Time: 6:00pm
Location: The Dancing Elephant (Main Street, Westbrook)


What have we read?  A list of our past books



What are others reading?  Book lists from other groups that our members & friends belong to ...




What to read next?  Some ideas ... 












What is a wiki?  A wiki is a site that anyone can update.  It provides a way for a group of people to collaborate and share information.  In the case of this wiki, only those people who have been granted access (ie, book group members) can make changes.  If you are one of those people, feel free to click the "Edit" button at the top of this or any other page.  Add information on our current book ... make a suggestion for another book ... whatever you want. 


For a great introduction to wikis, check out CommonCraft's video Wikis in Plain English.  They also do one on RSS in Plain English.


A word about privacy:  Although only a few people can edit this wiki, anyone in the world can read it.  So be careful about adding any information you don't want shared with the world ... like your (or anyone else's!) email or home address, phone number, etc.